Getting Around

Where to find us

A map outlining how to get to CeNT from the city centre (taking as starting point the Warsaw Central Train Station – Dworzec Centralny) is available below and in PDF here.

A more detailed map of the science mapus, including information on cash machines, cafes, restaurants and canteens in the neighbourhood is presented below and in PDF:

The CeNT building is located on the Ochota Science campus off Banacha street:


Moving around in Warsaw

Public transport offers a convenient way to travel around in Warsaw. Most widely used tickets within the city (Zone 1) are: 20-minute ticket (3,40 PLN) and 75-minute ticket (4,40 PLN). These tickets allow to transfer within the time and are valid for trams, buses and metro. If you plan to travel a lot it is worth considering 24-hour ticket (15 PLN) or 72-hour ticket (36 PLN).

A tram ride between Warsaw Main train station and “Och Teatr” tram station takes 15 minutes.

Students (including PhD students) can use reduced fare tickets, which cost 50% of the abovementioned prices.

Tickets can be bought in machines located on major tram and bus stops or in many convenience stores. Ticket machines are also located in most trams (coins only) or some buses (credit/debit card). You cannot buy a ticket from the driver!

To see more details, please go to:

Convenient way to check your routes

A nice system of public bikes called Veturilo is operating in Warsaw. To use it you will have to register and pay the minimum of 10 PLN of initial fee. First 20 minutes of ride are free of charge! See for more details.

Taxis and Uber (an app is required) can be ordered in Warsaw. Popular taxi companies:

ELE Taxi: 22 811 11 11; Sawa Taxi: 22 644 44 44; MPT Taxi: 22 19 191