Social Events

Wednesday 26/09: Welcome Reception

A welcome reception with light food and drinks is scheduled in CeNT on Wednesday at 7pm, straight after session 1.

Thursday 27/09: Conference dinner & conference party

The conference party will take place on Thursday after the poster session at Dom Kultury i Zabawy – DZIK (wild boar), starting c. 7pm. Address: Belwederska 44 a.

Transport between CeNT and DZIK will be secured by bus: The first bus will wait outside of CeNT at 6pm and transport c. half of the conference to DZIK. It will come back to CeNT for c. 6:45 to take the second half of PEC delegates.



A map on how to access the conference dinner on your own is also available below and in PDF:

Friday 28/09: Food & Drinks

We plan to explore various cafes and pubs after the conference officially ends on Friday at 5pm. We will pre-book 2 venues in close vicinity of CeNT:

  • Pub Lolek in Pole Mokotwski park (Rokitnicka 20, right in the middle of the park)
  • SHUK restaurant in the Ochota district (Grójecka 107)

Depending on interest, we can also organise an excursion to discover the hidden treasures of Warsaw’s Praga district : Praga is a district of Warsaw where the local city dialect and labourer folklore survived the longest. Dynamic social changes initiated after the fall of communism are now causing a slow disappearance of this ‘reserve’. We will invite you for an evening journey through time and space and for an observation of how modernity displaces or assimilates with this dying world. More information about this outing will be posted during the conference.

Saturday 29/09: Post-conference boat trip on the Vistula river

The Vistula River passing through Warsaw is one of the least regulated large rivers in Europe and its valley is a unique oasis of biodiversity in the urban space.

We will meet in Czerniakowski Port on Saturday at 10 am – an access plan to the meeting point will be available at the reception. We plan to embark on traditional Vistula wooden boats and sail up the river for about an hour and collect firewood on the way. We will stop on a wild beach or on a river island (depending on wishes and weather), light a campfire and prepare lard to prepare rafter’s groats (in polish: kasza flisacka) brought with us in thermos containers (note: a veggie option will be available, with no lard). We will then flow freely down with the river current back to Czerniakowski Port. The trip is scheduled to end c. 2pm.

You can book a place for the trip at the reception during registration or during the welcome ceremony on Wednesday. Payment is required when booking (please bring cash). The price of the trip is still under negotiation, but will not exceed PLN 60. The number of participants is limited to 36; please note that places for the trip will be booked on a first come, first serve basis.

A map on how to get to the meeting place for the boat trip excursion is available below and in PDF: